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Doctor of Chiropractic

You are going to be a doctor.

It's a journey -- a professional degree earned over 10 trimesters (three years and four months), leading to a Doctor of Chiropractic (DC). Core sciences. Evidence-based research. Time-honored adjustment techniques. You grow step by step. Discovery. Obstacles. Guides and mentors. Clinical opportunities. Eventually, mastery.

You, becoming a doctor alongside peers from diverse undergraduate backgrounds -- exercise science, kinesiology, athletic training, nursing . A community of aspiring doctors who model day-by-day what it takes to be well and stay well.

You encouraged by the support of our dedicated Career Development and Professional Success Team.

Finally, you joining the ranks of NYCC alumni thriving in clinical settings and private practice. United by a common bond -- a dedication to daily preparation, a patient-first approach and steadfast work ethic.

Pursuing perfect form. Becoming better doctors each day.

10 Trimesters

Over the course of your study -- through 10 trimesters, each 15 weeks in length -- you will prepare to provide primary and collaborative care as a Doctor of Chiropractic -- placing special emphasis on neuromusculoskeletal conditions and overall patient wellness.

Doctor of Chiropractic Curriculum At A Glance

(PDF) Course Listings by Trimester

Clinical Opportunities

Prepare in real clinical and research settings, and gain hands-on practice. Learn from expert mentor-practitioners in an array of diverse healthcare environments.


Join a community of people who care about health, in one of the most beautiful parts of the eastern United States. Our Seneca Falls campus sits right on Cayuga Lake.


The NYCC alumni network reaches far, as do your career opportunities. Prepare to open your own clinic, or work side-by-side with other healthcare practitioners. Or, prepare for specialization in a number of areas, such as working with athletes, children or aging populations.