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“Most of the professors who teach at the university level have had no experience with pedagogy or instruction in general. They’re content experts, not teaching experts.”



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M.S.H.A.P.I. Program

Program Purpose

In the spirit of New York Chiropractic College´s continued evolution as a multidisciplinary healthcare education institution, the College introduces the Master of Science in Human Anatomy and Physiology Instruction – the first and only program of its kind, and a program offered almost entirely online for the convenience of the prospective healthcare professional and academic audience.

Professional healthcare degree holders and biologists with graduate degrees have the foundation to teach anatomy and physiology at the undergraduate level, but often lack the instructional training, tools, and skills necessary for success in the college and university setting. The M.S. in Human Anatomy and Physiology Instruction Program is designed to build on existing anatomy and physiology competencies and transform the graduate into a highly effective instructional specialist for the undergraduate lecture hall and laboratory.

Transforming Career Opportunities

Beyond increasing the instructional skills of anatomy and physiology professors, the most significant benefit to graduates of the New York Chiropractic College Master of Science in Human Anatomy and Physiology Instruction program will be the ability to expand their career opportunities.

As a result of an increasing number of allied health professional programs requiring human anatomy and physiology instruction, there is an institutional shortage of highly qualified human anatomy and physiology instructors to effectively prepare students for their careers.

In addition, graduates will be better prepared to expand beyond professional practice and to pursue opportunities as full-time or adjunct instructors in undergraduate college or university settings.

The Convenience of Online Learning

The majority of the Master of Science in Human Anatomy and Physiology Instruction program will be delivered online. Online learning offers many benefits:

This degree program can be conveniently completed without having to leave the comfort of your home or office. Beyond access to the Human Anatomy and Physiology Instruction course materials, you can interact with professors and classmates without drastically changing your day-to-day routine or taking time off of work. In addition, you can access the NYCC online library, which provides an array of professional peer-reviewed medical, research, natural medicine and alternative health journals.

The degree program consists of 36 credits delivered online over two calendar years.

A student will take two, three-credit courses each trimester. A one-week practicum may be required as part of the curriculum. The Master of Science in Human Anatomy and Physiology Instruction is in keeping with the tradition of academic excellence and professional success that is the hallmark of New York Chiropractic College.

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