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How to Apply

Application Guidelines

1 A letter of application and completed application form must be submitted. The letter of application should provide a brief, personal profile of the applicant, including motivations for applying to NYCC.
  • A non refundable $60.00 application fee must be remitted
  • Prospective students must instruct the registrars of ALL colleges or universities they've attended to forward OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPTS of academic records directly to the NYCC Admissions Office

2 Three written references must be submitted as follows:

  • D.C. Program (One each from):
    • An academic instructor
    • A doctor of chiropractic
    • A character reference of choice
  • M.S.A./M.S.A.O.M. Programs (One each from):
    • An academic instructor or employer
    • A healthcare provider
    • A character reference of choice
3 Eligible applicants are invited to attend an admission interview. This interview assesses the candidate’s motivational characteristics and personality strengths. In certain instances the interview may be waived. During the on-campus interview process, applicants may also be asked to generate brief, written samples demonstrating communications ability. Top

When to Apply

  • NYCC offers rolling admissions. You may apply at any time for any trimester. Application submission 3 to 6 months prior to your anticipated start date is recommended, but not required.
  • New students entering the chiropractic program are admitted to start in the September, January and May trimesters
  • New students entering the graduate programs in acupuncture and Oriental medicine are admitted to start in the September trimester of each year
  • NYCC operates on a rolling-admission basis
  • Application should be made after the prospective student has completed at least 50 semester hours of college study
  • For chiropractic students, half of the prerequisite science courses should have been completed