Who is NYCC?

These alumni spotlights are intended to offer a glimpse into the type of person and caliber of student that is attracted to New York Chiropractic College. They provide insight into what inspired their interest in natural healthcare, why they have chosen to pursue a career in this field, why they selected NYCC, and what they have done with the excellent education received here at NYCC after graduation.

Please take a few moments to get to know some of the extraordinary people who make NYCC such a great place to be. We are NYCC Blue!

Benjamin Carlow
DC '13
Doddy Crisell
DC '09
Stephen Laski
DC '16
Nicholas Maio
DC '15
Sarah Meanor
DC '09
Kevin Marryshow
DC '11
Ryan Barker
DC '10, MASACN '11, MSHAPI '12
Emily Andrews
Laura Reyda
Christian Brown
DC '11, CCSP
Rubina Tahir
DC '05
Kenneth Barrett Parker
DC '04
Susan Fries
DC '05, VOM
Tim Simansky
DC '10
Amber Myerowitz
Zev Myerowitz
DC '11, MSA '12
Laurie Rocco
DC '08, MSHAPI '12
Shawn Williams
DC '04
Joshua Brooks
DC '08
Bibo Zhang
DC '13
Joshua Kollmann
DC '06