2016 Homecoming Schedule

Attend a minimum of eight hours of NCMIC sponsored qualifying seminars and receive a five-percent discount for three years on the renewal of your NCMIC malpractice premiums.

NYCC Postgraduate Department makes every attempt to offer programs as publicized. We nevertheless reserve the right to alter and/or adjust program details, including but not limited to dates, locations, times, instructors, and presentation sources and sequences. You are encouraged, therefore, to contact the NYCC Postgraduate Department to confirm program details before attending sessions. NYCC is not responsible for expenses and/or consequential damages suffered by registrants of altered programs.

License Renewal: Appropriate applications relating to credit hours for license renewal in selected states have been executed for this program. For information regarding these applications please contact the NYCC Postgraduate Department at 1-800-434-3955. We are committed to providing you with the highest quality Continuing Education opportunities, not only allowing you to meet your licensing requirements, but also to better yourself both professionally and personally.

Click Here for the tentative Schedule At A Glance.