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Health & Fitness Center

Our Facilities

The New York Chiropractic College offers some of the finest recreational facilities available in colleges today. With participation and interest in leisure time activities and lifetime sports at an all-time high, NYCC's facilities are much in demand.

Additionally, our versatile venues afford the opportunity to host a wide range of additional non-athletic events.

Our 32,000 sq. ft. gymnasium features 4 basketball, 2 pickleball, 1 tennis court, as well as volleyball and a 150-meter, four-lane walking/jogging track that encircles the gymnasium.

The gymnasium is also equipped with bleacher seating capacity for 1,200 persons for special events.

The six lane, 25-meter pool ranging in depth of 3.5 feet to 13 feet is the home for a wide range of aquatic programming and includes a variety of activities ranging from open swim to structured classes.

Additionally, the Health & Fitness Center also includes a 3,699 sq. ft. state of the art Fitness Center that includes all new Precor cardio and weight machines and free weights in addition the is a Stretch Room and Aerobic Room. Two racquetball/handball courts are available on a reservation basis. The Health & Fitness Center also has full locker room facilities.

Our outdoor athletic facilities are ideal for softball, soccer, and lacrosse tournaments!

Hours of Operation (Subject to Change)

Hours of Operation
(September 1 - May 31)
(June 1 - August 31)
Monday - Thursday6 am - 9 pm Monday - Thursday6 am - 9 pm
Friday6 am - 7 pm Friday6 am - 7 pm
Saturday7 am - 1 pm Saturday7 am - 11 am
Sunday9 am - 2 pm Sunday8 am - 11 am

* Please refer to monthly calendar for specific facility closings and alterations

† Please contact Department of Health and Fitness Education for specific pool times

** This schedule is subject to change due to programming of student activities, special events, national chiropractic certification testing, and student trimester break schedules. Every effort will be made to post changes in advance

Membership Information

Who can use the facility?

NYCC student spouses and faculty and staff spouses are required to purchase an annual membership to the Health & Fitness Center in order to use the facility. Children under 12 are free. Membership fees do apply to children over 12 years. Photo identification cards are issued to all NYCC student spouses and faculty and staff spouses and dependents over the age of 5 years as well as community membership holders.

Membership to the Health & Fitness Center entitles the member to the use of the athletic facilities, the gymnasium, pool, fitness center, locker rooms, racquetball courts, tennis courts and equipment.

All membership categories may require registration fees for individual programs.

Membership Rates:

Faculty, staff and student spouses and dependents annual membership rates
Faculty/Staff Spouse $65.00
Student Spouse $60.00
Teens (13 - 18 years of age) $35.00
Children (12 years and under) NO CHARGE
Faculty/Staff NO CHARGE

Community memberships are available at the following annual rates
Family $495.00
Adult (21 - 61 years of age) $385.00
Young Adult (18 - 20 years of age) $250.00
Single Parent with dependents $300.00
Clergy (Family) $385.00
Clergy (Single) $300.00
NYCC Alumni (Single) $200.00
NYCC Alumni (Family) $250.00
Senior Citizen Married Couple $215.00
Senior Citizen $120.00
Disabled/Handicapped $120.00

Outside Groups
Outside groups are not allowed to use the Health & Fitness Center without prior approval through the Department of Health and Fitness Education. Rental fees may apply.

Programs Offered

The Department of Health and Fitness Education offers a wide variety of aquatic, instructional and fitness classes including Aquacise, Water Walking, Yoga, Aerobics and Dance classes.

Our Fitness/Wellness program provides one free visit with a personal trainer ($25/session after). Contact the Health and Fitness Education Office for more information.

Student Information

Employment Opportunities

The Department of Health & Fitness Education hires work study students and a limited number of non-work study students to work in the Health & Fitness Center. We recognize that first and foremost you are a student and will not jeopardize your status with unreasonable job demands. However, we also recognize that by accepting employment you are accepting a commitment that you must be held responsible for.

Positions Available

Intramural League supervisor, Reception monitor, Intramural officials, Fitness Room monitor, Intramural scorekeepers, Lifeguards, Swim Instructors, Fitness Class Instructors

We also hire Aerobic, Yoga, Martial Arts and Dance instructors to name a few. We also have openings for athletic trainers.

If you are interested in applying for employment at the Health & Fitness Center, stop by the Health and Fitness Education Office, Room 102 and pick up an application.

Intramural Sports

The New York Chiropractic College Department of Health and Fitness Education seeks to promote, conduct and administer organized intramural sports for the students, faculty and staff of the College by providing an opportunity for interesting and rewarding sports competitions and recreation. Organized intramural sports also provide a varied and diverse program of activities enabling everyone to have an opportunity to participate regardless of their athletic abilities.

Levels of competition: In some leagues competition is divided into ability levels such as beginner, intermediate and advanced. Individuals must be responsible to choose their own level based on their self-evaluation of ability and the type of competition they desire.

Intramural Sports Offered

Log in to the Student Portal to see additional information, schedules, standings, and sign up forms.

Contact Us

Phone: (315) 568-3254 or (315) 568-3255
Fax: (315) 568-3265

Rhett Ticconi, Director of Health and Fitness Education
(315) 568-3256